• Mon - Sat: 09.00am - 08.00pm

Guest House Services to be provided

1. Room Service: Experienced personnel with neat & clean uniform for room services, delivery of the guest’s luggage & any other services as requested by the company guests.

2. Pantry Service: Provide kitchen services with cook & helper who will be in neat & clean uniform upkeep of pantry to provide tea/coffee, breakfast, lunch/dinner (Veg & Non. Veg. & to take care of any other food requirements of the guests.

3. Front Office: Records of the Guest entry, telephone messages, guest bookings, reminder & wake up call, etc., to be provided.

4. Laundry Services: Washing/Dry Cleaning bed spreads, bed sheets, blankets, pillow covers, napkins, towels, etc., on a regular basis for which a washing machine has been provided.

5. Magazines / Newspapers: One English newspaper & One Magazine to be provided in each Guest House.

6. Maintenance Services: Set the beds by changing of linens & bed spreads & pillow covers before the arrival of guests & to set the room after the departure of the company guest to give a neat & clean look to the rooms at all times.


1. General Housekeeping and upkeep Services: This we provide as per client’s requirements i.e. Daily, Weekly, General, as per the requirements of the clients.
2. Provisions of office attendants, Drivers, Lift man, etc.: We provide well disciplined, efficient and reliable office attendants who can be utilized for doing petty office chores for e.g. filing, Xeroxing paper, Serving water, tea, coffee to the guests, delivering letters, bank works, courier works, etc.
3. Pantry Services / Catering Services: Setting up of pantry services like Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Sessions etc. The Health & Hygiene is given the top priority in these services. We also have catering services for large no. of employees in a big organization like yours.
4. Guest House Maintenance: Cleaning & refurbishing the whole premises is also an added service we successfully carry out.
5. Pest Control: We provide Professional Pest Control Services for the office interior, common areas & office surrounding areas.
6. Plumbing: Regular checking and repair of all plumbing and sanitary fixture and supply lines. Also Maintenance of W.C., Flush Tanks various valves, internal fountains is covered under the contract. They will also check continuously the water pressures, meter readings, inflow / outflow controls, etc.
7. Gardening: Daily watering of plants at regular intervals, plucking of dead leaves manuring / soiling of plants, growing of indoor plants & its upkeep is done under this service.
8. Carpentry: Here we arrange a carpenter who looks after the small repairs & maintenance of furniture & fixtures. Regular checking & repairing of all door closers, doors, shutters, frames, etc.
9. Floor Maintenance: By scrubbing, stripping & liquid polishing, buffing, etc. done to provide a high degree of cleanliness and mirror shining of floors.
10. Carpets & Upholstery Dry Vacuuming & Foam Shampooing: We have specialized team with imported TASKI Machine to do vacuum cleaning & dry foam shampooing of carpets & Upholstery .
11. Cleaning Maintenance of Venetian Blinds: We have specialized team who do this work with complete perfection.


We arrange Cars & Buses for various corporates on hire basis. We have a fleet of Ac & Non Ac cars & buss.


We also arrange for professional packers & movers for corporate clients. They prove useful in systematically shifting the various kinds of office furniture, equipment’s, etc. from one place to the other anywhere in India.


We also arrange for professional Interior Designers & Decorators for corporate & household residential clients to design their offices commercial premises, residences, hotels, shops, etc.


We provide professional like electricians, chiller room operators, elevator operators etc. at your site who will maintain all plant rooms, chiller rooms, monitor the equipment’s & maintain all power panels light fixtures & electrical points.

The basics performed by the above mentioned professional will be.

1. Maintaining all plant rooms, Chiller room, etc.

2. Continuous monitoring of equipment’s, whether they are in proper working condition or not.

3. Maintaining power panel, light fixtures & power points.

4. Detection & Rectification of any abnormalities in the electrical functions.

5. Water management like continuous checking of water pressures, meter reading, operational records, inflow / outflow control.

6. Regular checking & repairs of all sanitary fixtures & supply lines. Also Maintenance of W.C., flush Tanks, Various Valves, internal fountains is covered under the contract.

7. Detection & Rectification of any Leakage in plumbing lines.

8. Periodic Checking of Doors, shutters, frames, ironmongers, sliding windows frames, etc. Whether they are working smoothly or not.

9. Attendants will continuously monitors the parameters of various fire fighting & alarm system. Determining overall health of systems, periodic system tests will also be done.